We enable small and large scale construction projects since 1990

ATUT RENTAL is a Polish-Scottish company founded in 1990. From day one, we have rented sold and serviced construction equipment and road building machinery.

We have four branches in Warsaw, with around twenty specialist mechanics dedicated to maintaining the rental fleet in top working order. All our branches have both delivery vans and mobile service vehicles. Many years of experience enabled us to choose only the very best professional equipment for our rental fleet. Tried ,tested and proven in the most demanding site conditions .

In 2000, we opened a separate department in Warsaw, to repair and service our client’s machines. Our customers really appreciate that our experience gets their machines back on the job quickly while keeping costs to a minimum

Our service team is specialized in the repair of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and servicing large and small diesel and petrol engines. We are an authorized service centre for many of the top brands of construction machinery.

We have been repairing construction equipment for over 20 years. We are quick, use only original spare parts and can repair standard and non-standard equipment. This ensures our clients keep coming back but for sure not with the same problem!!

In 2006 the Service Department moved from it’s starting point on Marywilska Street to custom- designed workshops at 8 Kłobucka Street. This put sales, rentals and service all under one roof allowing our service department bigger facilities and our customers to access all our services in one place.

In 2001-02 we offered a concrete shot-blasting and grinding service using machines from Contec our German supplier. This allowed us to better understand the difficulties faced by our clients when deciding on renting or purchasing the correct equipment .It also gave a chance for potential clients to see in action expensive and sophisticated equipment without any investment from their part

In 2004 we expanded our rental activities in Poland. The first branch outside of Warsaw was established in Slask and appropriately in Krakow the former Polish capital.

In 2005, we were appointed as a dealer for Doosan Ingersoll Rand Bobcat range for the region of Mazovia (Warsaw and district). We also provide, warranty and after warranty, service for the entire Bobcat range . We have mobile service trucks with specialist mechanics allowing us to repair machines wherever they are in Poland.

In 2006 we opened two new rental branches in Gdansk and Wroclaw.

Each year the company achieved more and more success. So in the following year 2007 we opened another new rental branch in Poznan.

The opening of new branches, allows us to expand into new markets and to adapt to their prevailing conditions. Each branch as a result contributed to the improvement of our overall offer. Naturally our customers benefit from a broader range of product, a local presence on their new sites and a more tailored response to their needs

In 2008, ATUT RENTAL opened four new branches in Bialystok, Czeladz, Lodz and  Mory near Warsaw. Mory, initially to specifically service the Konotopa interchange on the ring road project, later will be developed as a sales and service centre. The Bialystok branch closed in early 2009 due to lack of sufficient demand but the equipment was quickly taken up by our other new branches and we hope to be back in Bialystok in the future. ATUT RENTAL is pleased to offer national coverage with local service around Poland

In 2009, ATUT RENTAL further invested in new machinery to meet continuing customer demands. We introduced a new customized software program for the rental company improving customer feed back and shortening the rental ordering process for our customers. Our continued growth brought further challenges in the area of training our team members. We formalized procedures and adopted regular training sessions ensuring that our customers continued to have smooth, efficient and pleasant dealings with ATUT RENTAL.


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